RIDERS AREN’T BORN THEY’RE MADE.  Every great journey starts somewhere?

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No Kid get’s left behind

Work together we all achieve the extraordinary’

  1. Make Queensland Kids the healthiest kids in Australia – Reduce Obesity and closely related issues  (estimated to now cost Australians more than $13.8 billion each year)
  2. Reduce urban traffic congestion (estimated to cost Australia $20 billion a year by 2020 if we do nothing)
  3. Provide Families with Programs and Services that are affordable and improve community lifestyle.
  4. Filter the numbers and Develop Elite Athletes
  5. Support and Build established Associations with Competent Participants and Resources.
  6. Promote Healthy Lifestyle in Schools – 30mins of daily physical activity in all Primary & Secondary Schools
  7. Support Grass Roots for longevity of Bicycle Use
  8. Deliver World Class education and Training to suit all Ages, Abilities, Fitness and Transport styles. (Starting 2 years of age until you’ve had enough)
  9. Improve air quality by reducing carbon emissions from transport (currently responsible for 15% of Australia’s carbon footprint and increasing)
  10. Assist Indigenous, Disadvantaged, Disabled and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities
  11. Activate Land Space
  12. Employment and Volunteer Opportunities
  13. Promote good behaviour initiative with the Community
  14. More than 15 Alternative Programs on offer to suit everyone involved.
  15. Not just focused on Bicycles, we also cater for the very popular Dirt Scooters, Mountain Bikers and Dirt Boards
  16. Develop Elite Bicycle Athletes

Switching Kids ON with physical activity is life changing, and opens the doors for the Child and Parent/s  to make positive change. Come join us and see for yourself.

Pump Tracks to Shape Kids Lives

Kids have become lazier, resulting to a reduction of physical strength.  The world of bicycles could change this but is massively let down by riding infrastructure. Bikes consistently outsell cars year after year and our concerns are; where are they riding? Do they know how to do it safely? Is our nation willing to listen to experts that know? After 2 decades of teaching Bicycle Skills we have witnessed firsthand that kids have lost their freedom of adventure and are uninspired to get active.

Parks that offer playgrounds with a slide and sand don’t cut it anymore, the novelty wears off and so kids are back in the house playing game boxes. Team Sports are great but there’s a lot of controversy among parents and players – bike riding on the other hand offers freedom and self expression and ensuring riders are present in the moment without being judged of having to compete, they just ride.
Put simply it’s all too boring – kids are kids and kids need adventure and challenges to grow and shape their future. Kids need a place to grow and so I believe pump tracks are the simplest way to get kids active outdoors and get excited about their day. Bike Play’s Pump Track creations can assist with shaping kids lives.


Building a healthy Future

BIKE PLAY ®  will serve as advocate-ambassadors, using BMX to develop a generation of confident bicycle riders through a curriculum of deliberate practice, freeride, creative expression, and the whole person.

BMXculture is a proven pathway to become a global model for developmental Bicycle Riding and introducing the cycling industry with enthusiastic bicycle users.

“Swimming saves Lives” –  “Bicycles changes Lives” – Glenn Codega #110

Innovative Thinking | The New Approach.

BIKE PLAY ® is Introducing a World of Adventure for Kids around the globe who enjoy riding.

Never seen before Bicycle Programs are structured in the ultimate learning environment to allow kids to be kids in a healthy engaging activity.  Help us teach Life Saving bike skills for Happy Commuting’

Inspiring Kids to Ride

Our chapters support communities in the forms of Activating Land Space, Ride Terrain Creations, Facility Infrastructure, Facility Maintenance, Life Education, Events and Community Programs that develop Confidence, Achievement and Environmental awareness through having FUN.

BIKE PLAY ® is devoted to exposing their ride zones, facility development, programs in order to enhance bicycling from the grassroots up. Focused on all bicycle types we offer recreational solutions to parents and kids that encourage a journey of health, confidence, physical strength in a controlled and organized environment.

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