Bicycle Pathways

Bicycle Pathways

Make BMX what you want it to be as BMX offers many pathways depending on your WHY.  Note: this is a guide only, based from 3 decades of BMX Riding.

BMX Riding is an individual expression of style where a rider has the ability to progress as far as he or she desires. Success only comes from a passion to learn and progress that is self driven and not pushed upon.

A BMX Rider must deal and experience the pleasures and pains which comes with the territory of becoming an individual.

A positive Bicycle Journey leads our Youth into an Active Healthy Lifestyle in which Develops their Confidence, Self Belief, Motivation, Physical Strength, Hand-Eye Coordination, Social Skills plus so much more.

Here are our top 10 proven reasons why kids are joining BIKE PLAY.

  1. To complement their off season sport with some BMX cross training.
  2. Wanting to enter the competitive sport BMX Racing to win some titles against the best.
  3. Learn powerful character building to progress there off bike abilities.
  4. Engage with challenging and fun exercise
  5. Self powered transport
  6. Step away from WI-FI frequencies
  7. Become a more complete MTB Rider
  8. Become a smoother Motocross Rider
  9. Become a safe and competent recreational rider
  10. Some kids don’t like team sports

10 other Interesting Facts noone is talking about, but need to know.

  1. Kids need small doses of danger in a controlled environment
  2. Kids need to learn to be resilient
  3. Kids need to develop athletic abilities
  4. Kids need to learn to deal with nerves and control fear
  5. Kids need to learn to interact and share a similar passion with one another
  6. Kids need advanced bike riding skills to handle any situation
  7. Kids need to develop a desire to trust their own instincts and take control of their own life.
  8. Kids need to become mechanically minded
  9. Kids need coordinated motor skills for split-second decisions smarter respectful driving operations for the future.

I hope you can help us with the momentum and establish a new culture of fun and excitement that doesn’t require WI-FI. Bicycle Riding is severely underestimated so BIKE PLAY is changing this’

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2008 © BIKE PLAY ®. All Rights Reserved – This is a guide only and may vary for different Riders.

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